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Hang It Up Laundry Service

Updated: May 20, 2021

Let Hang It Up Laundry Service take the Laundry day pains away!

If you don't get excited about laundry day, then Hang It Up Laundry is here to help take the hassle out of your laundry! Hang It Up Laundry is a first of its kind, in-home laundry service. They travel to the client's homes and complete all of their laundry needs, from simply putting away or organizing pre-washed clothes to providing a full service laundry experience. Their overall goal is to take care of the laundry so that their clients can reclaim more free time, and do the things they enjoy!

Hang it up laundry was birthed to solve the never ending laundry basket many of us are faced with. After working all week on the job & at home would you rather wrap the week up doing laundry or heading to brunch? Hang It Up is here to step in and get "the chair" of semi-clean clothes cleared off, get your closet and drawers organized, and just lighten your weekly household workload. They offer several one-time services, as well as monthly memberships options for clients throughout the Houston area. They look forward to taking the hassle out of your laundry!

Owner: Margo Curette

Location: Houston, Texas

Contact: 832.784.4794


Social Media: IG: @HangItUpLaundry

Keywords: Laundry Organizing Service

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