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Houston Sauce Pit

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Are you vegan & missing that good Texas BBQ? No worries Houston Sauce Pit has you covered.

Houston Sauce Pit is a vegan BBQ food truck that uses plant-based Beyond Meat products with a special mix to prep the menu items to make their food unique, One of the owners, Jarrett Milton said vegans and traditional barbecue lovers alike won’t find anything quite like it. As he dripped vegan butter mixed with a “season-all” onto hamburger buns ready to be toasted on the pit, Jarrett explained what keeps bringing customers back for vegan brisket, burgers, loaded baked potatoes, mac and cheese, smoked links, wings and more.

Houston Sauce Pit’s menu boasts dishes like chopped “veef” sandwiches, smoked chicken “wings” and mac and cheese loaded down with vegan brisket. One of its marquee options is the smoked link loaded mash, a pile of mashed potatoes that’s spiked with all the traditional baked potato flavors and then topped with smoked Beyond Meat sausage links, barbecue sauce, and green onions. On the side, find potato salad, brussels sprouts with “bacon” and smoked elote.

Owner: Jarrett Milton & Courtney Lindsay

Contact: 734.341.6859

Social Media: IG: @houstonsaucepit

Key Words: Vegan BBQ Food Truck

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