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Infuse Wine

Treat yourself to Infuse Wine Bar, a virtual winery and mobile wine infusion company.

Home is where the wine is! Infuse Wine Bar is a virtual winery and mobile wine infusion company. We host at-home and off-site wine parties where we infuse your wine on the spot with fruity and exotic flavors down to herbs flavors. With over 20+ flavors and counting our goal is to make sure that you "never have the same wine twice" as we mix an match your favorite flavors to create your own wine tastes.

Infuse Wine Bar also sales wine kits that can be purchased for you to infuse your wine yourself from home. So, if you are looking to have a girls night, couples day, birthday party, anniversaries , you name it let our team help you with our ALL INCLUSIVE wine parties. This means the wine comes with ALL parties!. Get 5% off when you. sign up for our newsletter.

Owner(s): Krystal Spencer

Contact: 832.240.7375

Social Media: IG: @infuse_wine bar

Key Words: Wine Show Case

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