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InStyle Blading

Updated: May 21, 2021

InStyle Blading helps you love your brows.

InStyle Blading is in love with all things beauty! They love seeing ladies owning their looks, confident, and walking with their heads high. Ifeoma turned her passion into a career and now gets to meet beautiful ladies daily! In 2017 InStyle Blading was born and Ifeoma started her brow journey! Shortly after in 2018 she opened InStyle Glam Studios.

Ifeoma is consistently continuing education with online classes, courses and permanent makeup conferences. She currently provides Semi Permanent Ombré Brows in the form of tattoos. InStyle Blading is known for how natural their brows look and their excellent customer service. InStyle Blading also provides training for those interested in starting their permanent makeup career.

Owner: Ifeoma Meremikwu

Contact: 346.235.6549

Social Media: IG: @instyleblading

Key Words: Permeant MakeUp Technician

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