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IV20 Houston

Updated: May 16, 2021

If you're a farmer or landowner, IV20 Houston has the solutions you need to be successful.

IV20 Houston, LLC provides agriculture risk management and business solutions for Farmers and Landowners. IV20 Houston has 18 combined years of experience and service in the Legal Hemp Industry, Agriculture, Risk Management, Consulting, Compliance, and Law Enforcement sectors we are able to offer customer focused high-quality, top-tier risk mitigation solutions. IV20 Houston help Farmers and Landowners maximize land and farms operations, we also specialize in helping Cannabis and Hemp farmers and businesses implement and maintain compliant practices for a healthy and thriving business.

Owners: Tamar Bibbs

Location: Fresno, TX

Contact: 281.862.8611

Social Media: IG: @iv20houstonllc

Key Words: Business Solutions Agriculture

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