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Jatior Beauty

Updated: May 16, 2021

Enhance your beauty with Jatior Beauty.

Looking for a luxurious lash experience? Jatior Beauty has you covered. Their mission is to elevate busy women's beauty experience by caring for their self -care and pampering needs through products, services and classes. They put the care in self-care by giving you the confidence boost you've been waiting for. Looking to make your eyes pop? They provide lashes that are perfect for a girls' night or managing a board room.

Are you a woman who wears glasses but needs to accentuate your eyes? Seeking to achieve sultry eyes for your next date night? They will walk you through selecting your lashes based on your lifestyle, and need with your first purchase! Jatior helps you with sizing and application through your lash consultations. Let them care for you and your lashes!

Jatior Beauty not only supplies lashes for daily use, but also all of your makeup needs. Whether it is your next event, or a professional photo session, They will make your inner beauty shine through. Everyone needs to let their hair down, and unwind right? Let Jatior host your next girl get together with their beauty bag parties, classes, and more. They are offered both in person and virtually. Shop the Jatior Collection to elevate your style today!

Owner: Ashley Willis

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 201.927.8511

Social Media: IG: @jatiorbeauty FB: Jatior Beauty

Key Words: Make Up Artist Cosmetics

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