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K. LaFell Customs

Get your custom made gifts or clothing for any occasion from K. Lafell Customs.

K. LaFell Customs is a crafting and diy business. Creating handmade gifts and specialty items from tumblers, clothing, decor and more. We host Kraft & Kocktails which is an event series bringing the crafting world to the culture. At a Krafts & Kocktails event guests will indulge in restaurant or chef inspired food, signature drinks curated for each event specifically, and create a one of a kind craft, ie., candles, shoes, centerpieces, wreaths, etc. Create and learn something new while being YOU!

Owner: Kristen Lafell

Location: Missouri City, TX

Contact: 832.689.0397

Social Media: IG: @Klafell_customs

Keywords: Crafts/Creatives

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