Kards for the Kulture

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Add some culture to your greeting cards with Kards for the Kulture.

Kards for the Kulture is a black owned greeting card company that highlights the influence of Black culture from avenues such as but not limited to music, movies, art and socially relevant entertainment. They specialize in creating a unique and funny experience for both the card giver and receiver.

Kards for the Kulture came about from the lack of representation in greeting cards. Owner Kendra Faith Mills would spend an eternity reading through cards that didn’t really capture her voice or her experience. Not to mention how she was lucky to find anything created for black people at all! It was then that She decided to be the change that she wanted to see.

Celebrate the ones you love in a way they'll never forget with Kards for the Kulture!

Owners: Kendra Faith Mills

Location: Houston TX

Contact: 713.259.2758

Email: info@kardsforthekulture.com

Social Media IG: @kardsforthekulture

Website: www.KardsfortheKulture.com

Key Words: Greeting Cards Creatives

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