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Kathleen Booker, Realtor

Find your new home with Kathleen Booker, Realtor today!

Kathleen Booker, Realtor is a Houston native with experience in buying and selling homes. Kathleen Booker, also has over 15 years' experience as a licensed registered nurse with a Master's degree in Nursing Administration and a Master's degree in Business Administration. At Kathleen Booker, Realtor, Real Estate is not about being a salesperson, It is about helping others fulfill their dreams and set a foundation for their future. This begins with listening with intent to your needs and wants. Whether you're interested in buying, selling, or renting, we can help you on your journey. Kathleen Booker, Realtor upholds honesty and integrity to the fullest. We are effective communicators and will provide you full transparency throughout the process. Allow Kathleen Booker, Realtor to be a part of your next success story and celebrate with you on your accomplishments. Please Use our contact info if you would like a partner to build the next chapter in your legacy.

Owner: Kathleen Fayomi

Location: Baytown, TX

Contact: 832.494.7979

Key Words: Realtor

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