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Kee's Kreative Kitchen

Updated: May 14, 2021

In need of a catering company that is there for all of your special occasions? Check out Kee's Kreative Kitchen.

Kee' Kreative Kitchen is a catering company that is there for all of your private dining, wedding, babyshower, birthday party and more. They provide very professional & outstanding customer service! They are here to meet your needs customizing in dessert & cuisine culinary skill.

LaKeisha Washington also known as Chef Kee Is a 36 yr old Mother of 6. She created her business in 2015, because she was a single Mother juggling Culinary School and starting an up & coming business. One morning called her child support card to find nothing there! So, Instead of crying about it, she decided she was not going to keep depending on that.

LaKeisha got in the kitchen, put some chicken drumsticks in gravy, rice, and greens on a plate and began to sell them for $10 each. "This Ain't What'Cha Used Too" went from a dream to a live Vision! She made $100 bucks that day in just about an hour. And from that point on, she never looked back.

Owners: LaKeisha Washington

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.805.9507


Social Media: IG: @Kees_kkc FB: Kee's Kreative Kitchen

Key Words: Food Catering Chef

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