Keis Kravings

Looking for menus to satisfy the diverse palates at your next event? Check out Keis Kravings.

Kei’s Kravings is a local business in Houston, Texas that offers a mouthwatering menu consisting of Seafood Cuisines and Louisiana specialties. They also offer Healthy Meal Prep options, Personal Chef experiences and Catering menus for both Small and Large parties. They take pride in meticulously preparing every dish from scratch, start to finish.

What Kei’s Kravings different from other businesses offering the same service is that they take time to understand every client’s taste/needs. Whether they’ve known one another for one day or for 10 years, they make sure to demonstrate consistency throughout their professionalism and their services. By the end of each event, that person that has only known us for that short period will feel like they have known us for a lifetime. They make sure to bring that experience to each of their events.

Owners: Keiotay Chalk & Tempestt King

Location: Houston, Tx

Contact: 469.337.6668


Social Media: IG:@KeisKravings

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