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Kings & Queens Royalty Salon

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

If you're in need of a loctician, Kings & Queens Royalty Salon is the perfect place for you.

Kings & Queens Royalty Salon was founded by Raphael, & Garland on the northwest side of Houston. They specialize in Natural hair care and protective styles. The services provided are affordable, while offering quality retwist for dread locs, fades, braids ,and extensions. Raphael, And Garland are a licensed cosmetologist, and barber with years of experience. Their biggest goal is to make sure you feel and look more like the royalty you are after your visit is complete.

Owners: Raphael Sonnier & Garland Solomon

Contact: 281.832.4534

Social Media IG: @sir_ralph_royalhair

Key Words: Beauty Shop Barber Shop

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