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Koiffure Hair Studio

Protect your crown with tension free protective styles by Koiffure Hair Studio.

Invest in Your Hair, it is the crown you never take off! Koiffure Hair Studio aims to establish strong customer relationships along with great customer service. I am a Licensed versatile hairstylist with technical skills in all-natural styling, tension free protective styles, braided units, custom extension coloring, healthy hair treatments and the latest trending hair styles.

Koiffure Hair Studio offers one on one braiding classes teaching all braid styles and techniques, with the goal to build a confident braider. Koiffure Hair Studio created 100% Vegan Hair Butter which promotes healthy hair care, helps with thinning and moisturizing Scalp. Koiffure Hair Studio passion shows through each style, while creating your perfect image. Come relax, & enjoy the slay.

Owner: Kiara Dismuke

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 312.894.9048

Social Media: IG: @Koiffurehairstudio

Key Words: Hair Stylist

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