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L Luxury and Design

Upgrade your space with L Luxury and Design.

Leah has a talent for identifying her client's personal style and believes that your home should be your haven for relaxation and where you express yourself through your surroundings and give your best to family and friends. For years, she has made her mark on interiors by employing her signature style of taste and simple elegance. She has worked with and designed some of the most exquisite interiors over the years, making her one of Houston's highest-ranked designers.

“Healing Homes One House At A Time”

We want to give our clients a final product that is elegant, bold, and specific to their taste. We want to create interiors that are not traditional designs . We want to turn your home into a showpiece with never-before-seen elements. Interior Design and Decorating is our specialty, and we have decorated interiors and exteriors for a wide variety of homeowners. If you are ready to transform your space into a work of art then come along with me on this journey and reach out today.

Owner: Leah Lilly

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.836.7488

Social Media: IG: @Lluxuryanddesign

Keywords: Interior Design/Home Decor

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