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Law Office of Yates & Associates

Updated: May 22, 2021

In need of a lawyer, let Law Office of Yates & Associates take care of your legal needs.

Law Office of Yates & Associates is thrilled that you are taking a step towards protecting your liberties. They are a boutique law firm that is dedicated to helping individuals, organizations, and communities find the justice they seek. Whether you have differences in race, religion, gender, or social class, our firm strongly believes in doing work that will benefit the lives of the entities we defend when the law is concerned, no matter their backgrounds. We also believe that our clients should feel the essence of care. What Law Office of Yates & Associates means by this, is that when clients are cooperating with our legal professionals, it is our duty to treat you as though you are part of a dedicated community.

A great community looks out for the best interests of their members with the utmost care and consideration. This is how they conduct affairs with their clients. Law Office of Yates & Associates will fight for the rights of clients and obtain the outcomes they seek for their respective cases. Beginning the journey to justice is an intimidating process for the ones who are pursuing it. It does not have to be the way. Law Office of Yates & Associates will make sure your path in obtaining justice will be done responsibly to help you soothe your concerns. Trust in us, and they will do all that is necessary to secure fairness in the eyes of the law.

Owner: Phillip Yates

Contact: 713.236.8736

Key Words: Legal Service Lawyer

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