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Leah Lilly | L Luxury and Design

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Leah Lilly is a visionary luxury interior stylist that specializes in crafting personal havens of style and tranquility within the confines of your home. With an innate ability to grasp her clients' individual tastes, Leah firmly believes that your living space should serve as a sanctuary—a true embodiment of your identity—and a nurturing environment that fosters meaningful connections.

Having embarked on her journey by designing her very own home, Leah discovered her true calling while overcoming a challenging past. Her unwavering resilience and dedication to give her children and clients a life of utmost fulfillment. Rest assured, entrusting Leah with the transformation of your space will result in the creation of an oasis with self-expression, warmth and serenity.

About L Luxury and Design

Transforming spaces into captivating masterpieces, L Luxury and Design has a passion for healing homes one house at a time. With a focus on delivering elegant, bold, and personalized final products, their goal is to create interiors that break away from traditional designs. They specialize in turning homes into showpieces, incorporating unique and innovative elements. With their expertise in interior design and decorating, they have successfully adorned interiors and exteriors for a diverse clientele. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey and transform your space into a remarkable work of art, join L Luxury and Design and reach out today.

Prepare to witness a collection of Houston's most exquisite luxury properties as you engage with L Luxury and Design. Their vision extends beyond design as they venture into the launch of a dedicated staging company, catering specifically to the real estate industry. With an unwavering ambition, their ultimate objective is to establish themselves as the preeminent interior design firm on a global scale. Embrace the journey and experience the epitome of refined aesthetics and unparalleled excellence with L Luxury and Design.

About Leah

Leah's Remarkable Journey: From Dream to Design Sensation! In just 2 years, she sold her house and relocated to Houston, fueled by a dream. With unmatched talent, she transformed her interior design business, amassing 340K+ followers on IG and TikTok, with 10M+ views. Employing her signature style of elegant simplicity, she has become one of Houston's top-ranked designers. Recognized as a New Business Entrepreneur Award winner, she has already designed 50+ homes and launched an online store in 2023. Leah's success story is an inspiration to all!

Advice From Leah

"Never give up on your entrepreneurial journey. It won't be easy, but your passion and dedication will create opportunities. Embrace your purpose, hone your skills, and let your gift pave the way. Remember, mastering marketing and social media is crucial for success."

Contact Information:

Owner: Leah Lilly

Number: (832)836-7488

Location: 6711 Stella Link Rd, West University Place, TX 77005

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