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Let's Party HTX

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Bring your party to life with Let's Party HTX.

Let's Party HTX is a one-stop-shop resource providing you with the best of the best party professionals, event vendors & venues in Houston, TX. So how did Let’s Party HTX come about? Glad you asked. They have met some pretty amazing and talented party vendors throughout the years and found that there was not one resource in Houston that you could utilize to source them all. They wanted to help people with the overall experience of putting to together an event. Let's Party HTX invites you to discover the most unique and special event professionals in Houston to help make your party and event planning dreams come true. From fire eaters and swimming mermaids, to balloon artists and rental companies, there’s literally a thousand options to make your event memorable. They love Houston, and they love to party!

Let's Party HTX is a vendor resource where local party hosts and DIY party planners can go to find local and unique party vendors and event professionals in the Houston, TX area. If you need assistance with organizing your party plans and ideas, identifying the right party vendors to hire or just someone to bounce your existing party ideas off of, then they offer 1-hour party planning consultations that will amaze you. It’s an excellent and cost-effective way to receive expert and professional guidance about the vision you have for your event. Let them do all of the party research and you can execute the plans.

Owners: Jasmine Camble

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.437.2555

Social Media: IG: @letspartyhtx

Key Words: Event Coordinator

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