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Level One Fitness

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Looking to take your body to the next level? Train with Level One Fitness today.

Level One Fitness began as a small fitness group, led by Ken Jones, that met in the park to do fitness boot camps. When interest and attendance began to increase, Level One Fitness moved into its first facility, a 1,400 sq. ft building on Dowling Street, now known as Emancipation Avenue. After three years, the gym moved to its current location on Cleburne Street and is now a 10,000 sq. ft., fully-equipped gym. Level One Fitness now offers athletic sports training, personal training and competition training and also plans to offer boxing, mixed martial arts, physical rehabilitation services, CrossFit, spin class, basketball and much more soon.

Level One Fitness is a one-stop shop. Everybody has different fitness levels and fitness goals. Certain people want to be super ripped, but then you’ll have someone that want something completely different. At Level One Fitness they want to meet each of those goals so they work with anybody and everybody at any level.

Owners: Kenneth & Kentavious Jones

Contact: 832.282.5385

Social Media: IG: @LevelOneFitness

Key Words: Fitness Training

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