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Life Development & Health Services

Learn more about your mental health with Life Development & Health Services.

Life Development & Health Services (LDHS) is a multispecialty health & human services organization. With several programs & services, we can address the full needs of clients and patients – offering services in the fields of education, medical, social and behavioral care.

As growth and success continued throughout all programs and services, the development of community-based services to provide earlier intervention and preserve families had expanded LDHS’s reach to families throughout the community.

Today, as a leading health & human services organization, LDHS continues to serve more than 15,000 children, teens, adults and families each year. From education services and medical care, to social and behavioral programs, LDHS continues to pursue its mission of enhancing the quality of life in individuals and families.

Owner: Austin Benamon

Contact: 866.806.5347

Social Media: IG: @lifedhs


Key Words: Mental Health

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