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Life’s Heartwork

Together, let's create a safe space to embark on a journey of self-discovery at Life's Heartwork.

My ideal client is one who is ready to do the work! Yes, if we do the work then life becomes an opportunity to love, live, and live life. Now is the time when I am being called to lovingly share what I have learned as I hopefully elevate others in the process. I respect each client for their individuality and will provide a safe and confidential space.

I am a therapist that one comes to after having tried innumerable modalities to no avail. My intuition is keen, my sensitivity deep, and my empathy ever-present. As a clinician my clinical knowledge is combined with my depth of perception which brings us into a heightened awareness of the client's life experience.

Owner(s): Brittni Dones

Location: Katy, TX

Contact: 832.534.2410

Key Words: Counseling

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