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Lift By Lynley

Updated: May 20, 2021

Give your body & your lifestyle a complete makeover with Lift By Lynley.

Lift By Lynley was created in 2015 with the intentions of educating people on the importance of health and wellness. Lift By Lynley started off by offering free bootcamps and one-on-one personal training sessions to military spouses. Fast forward to 2020, they've had the opportunity to help over 100+ people who have had different disorders/diseases with their health and wellness goals. Lift By Lynley now offers multiple wellness services that are tailored to each client based off of their specific health needs and goals.

Lynley Moses is the proud owner of Lift By Lynley. She has a BS in Kinesiology with a minor in Nutrition Science. She is a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist. Lynley is BLS and ACLS certified as well.

Lift By Lynley's online app training allows her to be able to create a customized fitness program for each client to be able to complete with guidance and instructional videos. You can track your progress and log your meals as well via the app. The Meal Plan packages that create come with a breakdown of macronutrients that is specific to that particular client’s health history. It takes in account their age, weight, height, body fat, medical history, physical activity level and food allergies. It includes a grocery list and a meal plan breakdown chart.

Lift By Lynley offers pescatarian, vegetarian and vegan meal plan options as well. They also offer virtual online training, which consist of a customized fitness program given via facetime, skype or google video chat. This program is very popular with my clients who are out of state. One on One personal training is also available. This program includes a complete body composition assessment and a 50 minute session.

Owner: Lynley Moses

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 260.437.8223

Social Media: IG: @LiftByLynley

Key Words: Personal Fitness Trainer

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