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Liquid on Wheels

Updated: May 22, 2021

Liquid on wheels is a professional event and mobile bartending service.

Liquid on Wheels is a professional event and mobile bartending service. Their mission focuses on giving their clients the ultimate experience of enjoying crafted cocktails with creativity. Michael Ford started this company a year ago to offer clients and their guests better than restaurant quality drinks, in the world of private events. They will service social and professional events that serve your typical classic drinks and mixed cocktails such as a vodka and cranberry or whiskey and coke. Liquid on wheels is the alternative to the standard event.

They thrive on using fresh fruits, herbs, and a variety of liqueurs in all their cocktails. They curate cocktails specifically catered to each individual event with their client needs in mind. Their mixers (sour mix, simple syrup, purees etc.) are freshly made to ensure they provide the best quality cocktails. In addition to skillfully trained mixologists, they have industry trained cocktail waitresses, and servers available as well. With their mobile bartending services, they also supply up to 3 mixers, garnishes, bar napkins, straws, customize menu, and a portable bar for the event if needed. They offer affordable packages that fit all wallet sizes because they know each client's budget is different.

Owner: Michael Ford

Contact: 713.489.5961

Social Media: IG: @liquidwheels

Key Words: Mobile Bartending Service

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