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Lonez Scents

Updated: May 11, 2021

If your looking for vegan and low waste great smelling candles it's a must you check out Lonez Scents.

Lonez Scents is a creation founded by Houston couple, Malik and Daneille in 2017. The purpose of these candles are to display some complex truths about hardships currently faced by black and brown communities while simultaneously encouraging calming effects of aromatherapy. Some of the quotes are humorous while some touch on more serious issues. Our purpose for placing these quotes on candles was to call attention to the need for self care even as we navigate some of the issues going on in our communities. Lonez Scents is proudly vegan and low waste. Our supplies are all sourced within the US. Our packaging from our suppliers are all reused or recycled. Our candles are measured precisely to prevent any raw materials waste. Our votives are also reusable and we encourage people to up-cycle them.

Lonez is an anagram of our great grandmothers, Magnolia and Inez. Lonez Scents candles are made with deep love, the intention of creating meaningful conversation and a tranquil space. 

Owner: Malik Moss and Daneille Thomas

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: ​ 832.554.6133

Social Media: IG: @lonezscents

Key Words: Candle Shop

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