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M3L’ Haus of Juice

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Get the immune boost you need with M3L's Haus of Juice, they serve all natural juices.

They are a small start up female owned business that started in 2019. They offer freshly made cold pressed juices that are all 100% Natural ingredients. Amongst those they also have Lemonades and Nut Mylks, which can all are 16 oz bottles and their ImmunBooster (Immunity Shots) are 4oz. They can be purchased as a detox package as well as just to drink daily. They do not add any artificial ingredients to their products. They are looking to grow their business, and spread the word throughout Houston. At the moment they are accepting orders for Monday, Wednesday & Friday pickups.

Owner: Melanie Simeon

Location: Richmond, TX

Contact: 832.443.8737


Social Media: IG: @m3ls_hausofjuice


Key Words: Cold Press Juice

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