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Greetings! My name is Destiny, your Houston Sea Moss girl and alkaline vegan. In 2020 despite all the crazy things going on, health and wellness is the new "underground railroad", and it is time to get on board this train. Our Sea Moss and body essential products are all plant based alkaline products.

We pride ourselves on working with nature and never against her to maintain a peaceful balance. My journey into the sea of Sea moss started in 2018 after having my daughter. While on maternity leave I gained over 20lb and began to search for a way to become more health, lose weight, and help with my iron deficiency anemia. So like all of us I began to do some Google searching. And to my surprise I came across Dr. Sebi prior to finding an abundance of information on him I always wanted to cross over to the vegan side and at 170lbs I thought to myself "I have nothing to lose" I started to follow his teachings, and transitioned to an alkaline vegan cold turkey!

While making my switch I learned about Sea Moss a super food algae of the sea and began to take it daily in my smoothies. I then began to notice a huge change in my energy level, digestive system, and over all mood! Now me being in the medical field I just knew there was no way a sea algae could me making me feel this way, so I decided to go get my labs drawn for my anemia, and low and behold my iron levels were back to normal within just 30 days of being Alkaline vegan and taking my daily regiment of Sea Moss Gel and natural herbs.

My family and friends began to notice a difference and encouraged me to help them and others, so I did, I began to sale my Sea moss gel to family and friends, They felt the changes too! And here we are today. Mae's Essentials is looking for more and more ways every day to incorperate Sea moss into daily living, from food, to facial and hair products to underarm deodorant and lip bomb! The world is in need of so much healing. For this reason, it is very important for me to provide affordable products that are accessible to everyone. Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to becoming apart of Black Book Houston! Peace and blessings.

Owners: Destiny Jordan

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.408.0282


Social Media IG: @smiply_alkalinevegan;

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