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Market Savvy Digital Marketing

Updated: May 12, 2021

If you're looking for the best marketing solution for where you going, you have to check out Market Savvy Digital Marketing.

Passion. Work-ethic. Enthusiasm. Talent. A Marketing & Sales “Force.” This is what clients and colleagues are saying about Tabitha.

An up and coming name in the digital marketing space, Tabitha is a sought-after social media writer, digital marketing specialist, creative thinker, and consultant.

Tabitha has been building brands through sales and marketing development since 2009 in the housing and hotel markets, working along side some of the largest hotel, multi-family and student housings brands in the world domestically and internationally.

With her passion for results, Tabitha is focused on aiding business professionals in maximizing and monetizing their online marketing and social media efforts.

In addition to being a digital brand strategist, Tabitha has a Vlog, “Marketing Matters” on YouTube in affiliation with her company Market Savvy Digital Marketing.

Owner: Tabitha Scott

Location: Houston,Tx

Contact: 832.352.4372 

Social Media: IG: @savvyms.scott

Key Words: Marketing Consultant

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