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Misfit Strength & Conditioning

Updated: May 14, 2021

Looking for a new gym to become your best self? Check out Misfit Strength & Conditioning.

Misfit Strength & Conditioning is not just a gym. They are a community united under the banner of Purpose, Integrity, Discipline and Compassion.

Their purpose is to create better humans, help people understand that the only limits they face are those set by themselves. They believe that we should have strong moral character and live a life with fairness, decency and trustworthiness. That is integrity. We have the discipline to trust the process. They understand that we only get the results we seek through hard work and consistency.

As a community, They promise to take care of one another and support anyone who holds the same values as they do.

Owners: Byron Godfrey

Location: 5302 Cornish St. Houston, TX 77007

Contact: 713.517.5386


Social Media: IG: @Misfit_Strength


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