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Mmm'Met Cakes

To satisfy all of your sweet tooth cravings, head on down to Mmm'Met Cakes for top quality desserts.

Hello! I’m Shyesha Cloud, the proud owner and head baker at Mmm’Met Cakes! nestled in Cypress, Texas, our bakery is a labor of love, where I bring my passion for baking to life.

Fueled by my deep love for baking, I embarked on this delicious journey seven years ago. I’ve honed my skills to create mouthwatering treats that not only look amazing but also taste heavenly.

I’m passionate about creating memorable experiences through the joy of baking. Whether you are a fellow dessert enthusiast, a bride-to-be in need of a dream wedding cake, or simply someone with a sweet tooth, I’d love to connect with you! Feel free to stop by our markets to say hello – let's bond over our shared passion for all things sweet!

Owner(s): Shyesha Cloud

Location: Cypress, TX

Contact: 832.232.8983

Social Media IG: @mettymadeit

Key Words: Bakery

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