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MmNOP Learning Solutions™

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Start your children with a strong educational foundation for academic success with MmNOP Learning Solutions™.

MmNOP Learning Solutions™ was built on a results-driven approach to combat early childhood learning challenges. They don’t refer to their students as clients, but “scholars.” MmNOP’s methods are proven, strengthening a scholar’s academic ability in Science, Reading, Math, Social Studies and Writing. Their renowned, creative, and effective methods provide scholars with a passion for learning, providing them with the tools and confidence to perform at their best. Their company is not just about countering the statistics of their children, but they also have a hands-on curriculum for that scholar who needs to be challenged academically for further advancement. Test prep for state mandated testing is also included in their educational programs as well.

Jessica N. Walker is an experienced educator who believes that school alone isn’t enough for children to exceed academically. Children need to be challenged continually. If your child is facing difficulties in specific subject areas or specific objectives, MmNOP can help. Even if

your child is excelling and doing well, let MmNOP provide the curriculum that can keep them engaged and educate, preparing them for a future of academic excellence. It is important to start early with children before weak academic skills become a habit.

Owner: Jessica N. Walker

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 713.423.0947

Social Media IG: @mmnop_learning

Key Words: Early ChildHood Development

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