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Mobile Billboards Houston

Create and build brand awareness with Mobile Billboards Houston.

Mobile Billboards Houston is the #1 company for advertising on the go. Billboards have always been an effective way to build brand awareness and have been proven to have the highest rate of return for your advertising dollars. There are over 200,000 cars that travel Houston highways every day, people spend over 50 hours per week in their cars. Imagine your ad riding next to them as they navigate the streets of Houston.

Mobile Billboards Houston provides advertising space on our two-panel trucks. Each side measures 10" tall x 20" long. Our trucks drive your ad around Houston on pre-mapped routes for 8-16 hours every day. Rental packages come with flexible terms from one week to four weeks and options to add routes, change banners and add additional exposure time.

Contact us today to get your next advertising campaign on the road!

Owner: Jovita Johnson

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.358.3767

Social Media: IG: @mobilebillboardshouston

Keywords: Marketing

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