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Mobile Mixers

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Planning something special? Do you need Bartenders? Contact Mobile Mixers!

The Co-Owners and founders of Mobile Mixers are Marji & Kaci. They are a mobile bartending company in 2018; originally founded in Houston, TX. They will handle all of your bar needs when hosting an event at your home, office or chosen venue. They specialize in staffing your event with the most energetic, stylish, talented, and licensed Bartenders. They do cocktails, and mock tail bars as well for non alcoholic drinkers.

Mobile Mixers also provides Training & Development courses and materials to advance the skill sets of young, ambitious bartenders looking to live life with a fun and challenging careers. They want to educate young woman and young adults on safe drinking practices. Their plan includes, hosting seminars and workshops on tips and tricks to staying safe when you are out enjoying alcoholic beverages. They want to create a comfortable environment for victims to tell their stories and experiences with “date rape” blackouts, and unwanted sexual attention in bars and clubs. Their slogan is “Two is better than One” because they wanted to promote the buddy system, and how it can be used as an effective, preventative measure to stop attackers from targeting young women.

Their drive and ambition are continuously pushing them to expand; They definitely plan on becoming a nationwide business in the near future. Mobile Mixers is a wonderful business, Owned and Operated by two young, African American women from Georgia. They are so thankful for how far they have come, and can’t wait to see how far they can go. You can check out more about this company and their journey on YouTube just search “The Black Out Mobile Mixers”. They also offer a Ebook with recipes at

Owner: Marji Coles & Kaci Pressley

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.935.9671

Social Media: IG: @mobile_mixers


Key Words: Mobile Bar Service

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