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Moisturize Me Hair Care

Updated: May 11, 2021

Are you searching for new organic hair care products? Check out Moisturize Me Hair Care to give your hair that luxurious care it's been missing.

Moisturize Me Hair Care is an organic hair care line created to increase scalp and hair health. While aiding in helping to lock in moisture throughout your hair, and increase growth, shine, and softness. By keeping Their products simple they have created a line free from any harmful toxins. Moisturize Me Hair Care products are customizable giving you the opportunity to create a personalized routine to fit your hair and scalp needs. With that being said Moisturize Me Hair Care is the ideal line for all of your hair and scalp needs regardless of hair type or texture. Moisturize Me Hair Care looks forward to receiving your business and welcoming you to the Moisturize Me Hair Care Family!

Owner: Manaesia Young

Location: Spring, TX

Contact: 832.723.4284

Social Media: IG: @Moisturizemehaircare

Key Words: Natural Hair Care

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