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Moore Positive Vibes

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Lighten the mood with candles from Moore Positive Vibes.

Everything made at Moore Positive Vibes is created by hand; with love, and to usher peace and joy into your life. Moore Positive Vibes was created by a Black single mother in the middle of two pandemics, racism and COVID-19, in June 2020. It was created out of an abundance of need to provide additional income for her children, and also bring light into a dark world. Right now Moore Positive Vibes sells soy-wax candles with plans to expand to so much more. Supporting Moore Positive Vibes means supporting a dream of establishing a company that will be the start of establishing generational wealth for years to come.

Owners: Acacia Moore

Contact: 832.707.5802

Social Media IG: @Moore.positivevibes

Key Words: Candle Shops

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