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Move Functional Wellness

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Move better with Move Functional Wellness.

Move Functional Wellness offers a multi-faceted approach to manage osteoarthritis knee pain, chronic inflammation and other common medical conditions. They also offer viscosupplementation or gel injections to reduce osteoarthritis knee pain so that you can function better without medications and surgery. Move Functional Wellness has partnered with local physical therapists who are skilled at manual therapy and rehabilitation to help you move better. They counsel patients in nutrition strategies that helps to reduce inflammation, reverse insulin resistance and support weight loss. Move Functional Wellness also provide regenerative medicine options to treat joint pain such as PRP and amniotic tissue derived products to reduce pain and improve joint health.

Owners: Latania Booker, MD

Contact: 713.485.5200

Social Media: IG: @movefunctionalwellness

Key Words: Internal Medicine Physical Therapy

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