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Mr. Fricklz

Updated: May 20, 2021

The World Famous Pickle.

Mr. Fricklz doors opened Oct 10, 2014. It all started with Tabitha and her husband taking notice of a local phenomenon back in Shreveport, LA which has been around for ages. The Koolickle (kool-aid pickle) was a hit at the neighborhood candy lady, which was evident with the consistently long lines, it intrigued Tabitha and her husband Robert so much that they discussed it on the trek back home to Acres Home, TX.

Together they operated a residential candy store at the time. They knew at the very least, flavored pickles would be very beneficial to their venture. The realization was this idea needed a face to it. This savory and tasty treat could be built into a unique brand that could soar to the clouds and beyond. In the spring of 2014, Tabitha and her husband began manufacturing in their home, groundwork began on the pickle shack, and as they began to tinker with ideas for a catchy name. They knew that the name would not only represent the purple and green shack, located in Acres Home but a brand. After a few misses, it was mutually agreed upon that Fricklz was the name which they felt described their product in a sense and had enough appeal to stick with the masses.

Their purpose is to influence others in the community to be their best. Their cause is to change the community for the better, to reduce and end poverty, homelessness, and illiteracy in our communities so that our kids, elders, and like-minded entrepreneurs can have the privilege of saying proudly I'm from Acres Home TX, home of the Original Mr. Fricklz

Owners: Robert Bryant, Tabitha Harris, & Ryan Akers

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 713.364.6238

Social Media: IG: @mrfricklz

Key Words: Pickles Kool Aid Pickles

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