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Museum For Black Girls

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Visit the Museum For Black Girls for a chance to focus on joy and magic in a self-driven pop-up.

The Museum For Black Girls is an immersive pop-up sensory museum featuring over 15+ art installations where guests not only see the art but feel and interact with it. Being a black girl is an experience!

“Black Girl Magic" is more than a buzz-word or trend. It's the essence of Black women. The Museum for Black Girls is a space to celebrate this essence, as well as educate about the journey to our present state and liberation. Finally and most importantly, our museum serves as a love letter to Black women and our experience.

In December 2019, we transformed a beautiful boutique into an immersive, interactive pop-up gallery featuring multiple, vibrant exhibits. The interest and feedback has been so amazing reaching over 100,000 people on social media.

The museum is ultimately a celebration of self love.

The aesthetic of the exhibits is vibrant and shows our evolution from the beginning until now...through the lens of black women.

Owner(s): Charlie Billingsley

Location: 1141 Uptown Park Blvd Houston, TX 77056

Contact: 855.353.5019


Social Media IG: @themuseumforblackgirls


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