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Check out My Favorite Book Box to uncover the gift of reading between you and your child!

I am a mom. I am an educator. I am a dreamer. Since I was a young girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I dragged my siblings into our family room to play school in the summer; and when they asked for toys for Christmas, I wanted books. As an elementary school teacher, I often found myself lost in stories with my students, sometimes having more fun than they did completing our projects! So, after having my third child, I decided that I wanted to share that same love, that same magic, and make those same memories with my own children. Since then, though my students are always in my heart, I have not looked back. Now, as a homeschooling mom, and I savor every minute of it, but that oftentimes means that I am being tugged – sometimes literally – in many directions. One of those directions is pursuing passions that uplifts the dreamer and educator within me. And though I have pursued many, none of them truly honored my mission of being a present mother and teacher to my children. I knew I had to do something that could merge my passions while still prioritizing my children. This led me back to the basics: my love for books and reading and the joy I get from sharing this love with my children. This is why I started My Favorite Book Box. I believe in the power of books and reading to create lasting memories and magic between children and the adults who love them.Open My Favorite Book Box and uncover the gift of reading, memories, and magic between you and any child in your life!

Owners: Shelaya Guidry

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 269.547.7782


Social Media:IG: @myfavoritebookbox .


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