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My Pink Fortress

Updated: May 16, 2021

When it comes to specializing in the health of the whole woman, My Pink Fortress is setting the tone in mind, body, and spirit.

My Pink Fortress is a firm believer that every woman should feel beautiful not only on the outside, but also on the inside. My Pink Fortress provides lash extension services, but specializes in yoni steaming treatments better known as V-Steaming. These treatments are used to cleanse and revitalize the uterus, effectively reduce discomfort associated with menstruation. It also helps with fertility, vaginal dryness, ovarian cysts, tubal blockage, menopause, balancing pH levels, after pregnancy, tightens/tones, and some yeast infections.

My Pink Fortress sells different holistic products that contribute to a healthy womb. What sets them apart is that all of the products they use are vegan! My Pink Fortress was created to help build awareness about the benefits of holistic and spiritual healing. Their motto is, "Every woman should feel beautiful; not only on the outside, but also the inside!"

Owner: Tiffany McHenry

Location: Katy, Texas

Contact: 832.771.3455

Social Media: IG: @mypinkfortress ; FB: My Pink Fortress LLC

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