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Mysterious Lashes & Luxuries

Enhance your natural lashes with extensions from Mysterious Lashes & Luxuries.

Mysterious Lashes is for the fast paced boss woman who may not have the luxury of time.Whether that may be work, kids, or life’s responsibilities Mysterious Lashes will guarantee 2-3 weeks of natural enhancing eyelash extensions.

Mysterious Lashes & Luxuries was founded by Melba Smith, Memphis Native, who relocated to Houston in 2015. Though Melba was not born in Houston, the love & welcoming she received from Houstonians has proudly allowed her to call Houston home. Eyelash Extensions and Ombre Powder brows are the main services offered to allow individuals opportunity to experience time-saving solutions. All services are customized by licensed & 4x certified beauty professional. We look forward to you experiencing Mysterious Lashes & Luxuries yourself.

Owner: Melba Smith

Contact: 901.618.4916

Social Media: IG: @MysteriousLashes_

Keywords: Lash Services

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