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Reach your peak performance with mindfulness, body awareness, recovery techniques and injury prevention practices with NamasJade

NamasJade was created to help prevent injury and promote activity recovery. It is a space for all athletes and those who strive to reach their peak performance, while offering physical activity through movement and yoga to those seeking to heal and strengthen their mind and body. NamasJade leads yoga classes to enhance recovery, prevent injury, create body awareness, teach mental focus, improve endurance, promote balance and control breathing.

The creator of NamasJade, Jade T. is a certified yoga instructor who assists with competition readiness, recovery and mindfulness practices. As a former Division I, Track & Field athlete, Jade has learned the importance of both rest and recovery needed to align with competition workouts.

NamasJade’s mission is to create a non-judgement atmosphere, allowing clients to reach their best health and peak performance. NamasJade also provides senior adult yoga classes that encourage functional movement and stimulation with an emphasis on injury prevention and enhanced posture. NamasJade is committed to providing recovery and mindfulness practices to help promote a healthy lifestyle for all levels.

Owner(s): Jade Thomas

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.754.7712

Social Media: IG: @namasjade_

Key Words: Yoga Healthy Lifestyle

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