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Nathelyne A. Kennedy & Associates

Updated: May 21, 2021

Looking for a career or to partner with an engineering firm? Check out Nathelyne A. Kennedy & Associates

From early landmark projects, like widening bridges on IH 10 in West Houston in 1983 and the Bayport Terminal Master Plan in the late 1990s, to the 12-year reconstruction of William P. Hobby Airport completed in 2010, Nathelyne A. Kennedy & Associates has consistently delivered technically precise, thorough and thoughtful solutions for public and private infrastructure projects.

Their engineers keep current on changing regulatory requirements, design standards and technology to produce the most accurate documents in the most streamlined manner.

They consistently explore cost-saving options to reuse portions of the existing infrastructure, revise design to use less material and simplify construction techniques. And, they are undaunted by accelerated schedule initiatives.

Engineering for infrastructure and buildings is always a team effort, requiring close coordination between the various design disciplines, owner representatives, oversight agencies and contractors. Nathelyne A. Kennedy & Associates is the perennial team player, whether we are the prime consultant overseeing other engineers or working as a subconsultant.

Owner: Nathelyne A. Kennedy

Contact: 713.988.0145


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