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Opulent Kare

Updated: May 22, 2021

Begin your healing process with luxurious care options to postoperative with Opulent Kare.

Opulent Kare offers a holistic approach to complete aftercare management in offering luxurious care options to postoperative clients in the comfort of their environment. The initial three days following surgery are most crucial. More than just caregivers, their staff is only composed of Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses, ensuring unparalleled clinical expertise. Enjoy this unprecedented peace of mind with complete nurse concierge-style services.

Opulent Kare understand every one of their clients is unique as every surgery is. Their care is tailored to you, ensuring a tranquil healing process. Their postoperative aftercare services are comprehensive. Opulent Kare strives to fill in all gaps associated with aftercare preparation. Preparing for surgery can be daunting. There are many aspects of aftercare that you may not consider as you prepare for surgery. As licensed nurses, Opulent Kare not only can manage your day-to-day but can proactively identify proper or improper healing stages and whether it is essential to contact a doctor.

As your concierge nurse, Opulent Kare not only assists with caring for your body but also in communicating critical information to your family and coordinating care with your physician. Whether you are local to Houston or visiting, we come to you. Healing is best when the patient is most comfortable. Not only will Opulent Kare come to you, but they can assist you with finding the perfect ‘home’ for your recovery process.


• Pain Management

• Vital Sign Assessment

• Wound Care

• Drain Management

• Hydration Therapy with MD order

• Garment Assistance

• Care Coordination with Surgeon

• Transportation as Needed

• Medication Administration and Management including injections

• Light Housekeeping

Owner: Keri White

Location: Houston, TX

Contact: 832.841.8131

Social Media: IG: @OpulentKare

Key Words: Postoperative Care

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