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Oz-Bee Films

Updated: May 20, 2021

Bring your ideas to the big screen with Oz-Bee Films!

Oz-Bee Films LLC is a company that provides high-quality professional film and video production services for businesses and individuals. Founded by Christopher Osby, Jr. in September 2015, the name Oz-Bee Films was used as a way to brand his work. In July 2020, Oz-Bee Films LLC became officially established. Their mission is to help bring people's stories to the big screen as well as provide jobs for those who want to work in the film industry.

Oz-Bee Films LLC provides professional services including production for television/film, music videos, advertisements, event, and real estate videography. For inquires, they are open Monday through Friday from 9am - 7pm. Feel free to email, text, call or contact them via social media.

Owner: Christopher Osby

Location: Houston, Texas

Contact: 281.656.9945


Social Media: IG: @ozbeefilms

Keywords: Videography Film Production

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