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Peculiar Stoners

Updated: May 20, 2021

Peculiar Stoners is the brand that represents how you feel.

Peculiar is a clothing brand that defines the words; Weird, Different, Strange, or even Out of the ordinary. Peculiar Stoners believes everyone isn’t the same and it’s okay to be “weird” sometimes and Why not Get High in the Process. It’s so many of us who live our lives thinking marijuana is a red flag sometimes feeling like people won’t accept you and the same goes with “personality” most of us can’t accept ourselves as being the “odd one out the bunch” .

Soon enough, Peculiar Stoners will develop a mentoring system aiding others who may have difficulty accepting themselves or their situations. Also teaching the youth, that there are endless opportunities. Your choice of life is always your choice , it’s okay to make yourself happy even though others may disagree with you . Be Peculiar 🖖🏽

Owner: Blaire Alfred

Location: Houston,TX

Contact: 281.788.4915

Social Media: IG: @peculiar.stoners FB: Peculiar_stoners

Key Words: Clothing Brand

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