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Persuaded Beauty

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Take charge of your mental health with Persuaded Beauty.

Australia Edinborough is the proud owner of Persuaded Beauty and she is a self-care and mental health advocate who services women. Through self care and mental health awareness, Australia has changed the way she copes with depression, anxiety, insecurities, and Childhood trauma. Transparency and authenticity are a value to her, so she prides herself on empowering women to trust themselves, be authentic, and embrace their own path.

Persuaded Beauty services includes makeup and beauty enhancements. Australia has dealt with postpartum depression, playing in make up was a coping skill that she adopted in order to help put her best foot forward. When working with women to support their beauty this also allows meaningful exchanges of information to take place. As a certified Mental Health first aid is to provide educational insights, resources, and direct you to those professionals that can assist you further. Parts of her journey are highlighted for inspiration.

Stop the Stigma. Change the Narrative is a podcast created by Australia. You can view episodes on IGTV, Youtube, Facebook and Anchor. This allows her to collaborate with health care professionals, coaches, survivors, and highly respected individuals in the community to tackle topics under the mental health umbrella and shed light on their works. Public speaking allows me a chance to persuade audiences on how to take their power back and thrive resiliently.

Owners: Australia Edinborough

Location: Baytown, TX

Contact: 936.455.0223

Social Media IG: @Persuaded_beauty

Key Words: Make Up Artist

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