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Phoenix is Rising Book Series

Introduce your child to new literary role models with the Phoenix is Rising Book Series.

How do you introduce your children to literary role models when shelf after shelf fails to offer a character they can truly identify with? Simple - you write the books yourself! Author Shanterria Jackson struggled to find any books that showcased her daughter's multicultural heritage, so she teamed up with her daughter to create a series of books that did just that.

The Great Habesha Kemis (13th & Joan) is the first release within the Phoenix is Rising book series featuring a main character of both Ethiopian and African American descent. Phoenix is a culturally enthusiastic young girl who comes from a multicultural Ethiopian and African American family, but she lacks the confidence to show off her Ethiopian cultural wear in front of her new friends at school - that is, until her mother begins to remind her of how beautiful and significant the two cultures are, while encouraging her to show up exactly as she is.

“Our objective with the Phoenix is Rising book series is to ensure Phoenix is able to be confident in the knowledge and traditions of both of her heritages,” Shanterria states. “Within our goal, we want to inspire, educate, and create dialogue surrounding the inclusion of more multicultural families.”Books are available on, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Books-A-Million, and via the Phoenix is Rising Book Series Website.

Owners: Shanterria Jackson & Phoenix Harden

Location: Pearland, TX

Contact: 832.718.9488

Social Media: IG: @Phoenixisrisingbookseries

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Tammie Martin
Tammie Martin
Jul 20, 2023

I messaged you on fb.

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