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Piano Vibes School of Music

Updated: May 24, 2021

Learn to play your favorite musical instrument today with Piano Vibes School of Music.

Piano Vibes School of Music believes in practice and performance. Their program is unique in Houston because they are modern in their approach. Piano Vibes School of Music utilizes student preference and disposition to teach them how to love practice, and moreover music. If you are looking to learn, there is no better place. Piano Vibes offers private instruction for Piano, Voice, Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, and various other brass and woodwind instruments.

Piano Vibes School of Music believes that every student is different and successful individuals tend to have similar characteristics. Their goal is to harness those. They also believe in home lessons offer several advantages. Since there is no traveling involved, students are often in the comfort of their homes. A formal lesson in a personal space sets a great example of what using that space for practice should entail.

Piano Vibes also invests into the students musical taste and likes, teaching the students how to appreciate their favorite song from a musical standpoint. This is always a great foundation on which to build. Music is what you like and what you make it. Hard work is the same! Contact Piano Vibes School of Music today to try an in home lesson!

Owners: Achille Javois

Location: Baytown, TX

Contact: 832.244.2498

Social Media: IG: @pianovibes

Key Words: Music Lessons

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