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Pure Naked Skin Care

Updated: May 11, 2021

Keep your skin healthy & clear with Pure Naked Skin Care.

Pure Naked Skin Care is simply that, PURE all natural skin care products that you can trust. Pure Naked is a family skin care remedies that has been passed down for generations. Katara grew up with severe eczema, and it was a struggle. Nothing the doctors prescribed for her was working to help clear her skin. So finally after many failed attempts, her great grandmother made up an all natural oak scrub and applied it all over her face. The results were amazing and fast after only a week of constant use. Pure Naked then became her passion and a trusted product you can trust in your family!

Owners: Katara Sherrard

Contact: 281.451.2689

Social Media: IG: @Pure_naked_skin_care_

Key Words: Natural Skin Care

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