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Purple Gemini

Upgrade your next event with Purple Gemini.

"Reflections of Perfection"

Purple Gemini loves to entertain your guests and create wonderful memories for everyone in attendance. We offer a 4 foot tall mirror booth that will snap fun photos, print, and send out a digital copy within 60 seconds. Our booth is animated, fun, and interactive.

If you’re running a business and need to collect data we can customize surveys that are done directly on the booth. We also customize the prints for each event, so business owners can add their logo, website, and more. The photos will end up being shared on social media by guests/hosts.

"Ride The Bus With Us"

Stu Bus by Purple Gemini is more than your average party bus. We pick up you and your crew to enjoy beverages, snacks, great music, karaoke, or gaming while headed to your destination. This will also ensure your group arrives together and eliminate the hassle of parking. Stu Bus is also a mobile studio that comes to wherever you are to record on site. Business owners ask about running ads on the indoor/outdoor bus screens that will be viewed by our customers as well as people passing by.

Owner(s): Shakira Martin

Location: Humble, TX

Contact: 832.953.5723

Social Media IG: @1purplegemini

For more businesses to support, check out our Directory! CLICK HERE

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