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Queen Aesthetics

Cultivate your beauty with proper skincare modalities with Queen Aesthetics.

Are you ready for the ultimate beauty experience??

We got you covered! Queen Aesthetics is a full service medical spa in the Houston area designed with the total person in mind. We focus on overall wellness to cultivate beauty from the inside out. Our goal is to make ALL people feel more connected to their inner being and outer appearance via minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements, medical weight loss and overall health.

We focus on natural enhancements utilizing Botox and Fillers for facial rejuvenation and proper skincare modalities for all types of skin. When it comes to aid in weight loss, IV hydration and post surgery recovery by licensed clinicians and professionals, there is no other place to be. In the heart of Houston we achieve subtle results that make a big impact. Our motto is "Where Everyone Receives the Royal Treatment" and we make sure our clients experience the highest form of self-care through tailored treatment plans and one-of-a-kind service. With embodying love and luxury in mind and providing a safe space for all people, all shades, Queen Aesthetics is the premier institute for all things beauty. 

Owner(s): Simone Hopes

Contact: 832.426.4489

Social Media: IG: @queen.aestheticshtx

Keywords: Spa Services/ Skin Care

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